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I don't belong anywhere. I'm not even from this century.

Nico Di Angelo is the son of Hades. He was born sometime in the early 30s but his father hid Nico and his sister away in the Lotus Hotel and Casino in which they stayed for approximately 70 years for their safety. During that time they didn't age which is part of the magic of the Lotus Hotel and Casino. They thought they had only been in the casino for a month and it has taken some time for Nico to adjust to the modern world.
...not giving people a second thought…that can be dangerous.

More often than not, Nico spends his time alone or with ghosts. He's very secretive and often his motives can seem questionable. He is, however, loyal and caring at heart. But as with most children of Hades he struggles with holding grudges and forgiveness is something that he finds hard to give. Most often he shadow travels and always has his Stygian blade on him. He has immense strength to call forth the armies of dead soldiers to help in a difficult fight.
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